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Bootstrap Templates, What are They and Why You Need One?

If you are looking for a highly responsive, easily customizable and beautifully designed web template you need one built with Bootstrap. What is so special about Bootstrap and why should you care what your template is built with? Well, let's find out, shall we?

Take a look at any brand new app or website you consider particularly well designed. We can bet 90% of those are built with Bootstrap. Why? Because we know that developers love Bootstrap for its flexibility, ease of use and many amazing benefits.

Bootstrap is a front-end development framework that is a combination of HTML, CSS and JavaScript code designs created by Twitter team. Bootstrap fully supports CSS3 and HTML5.

This last fact is highly valuable since CSS3 and HTML5 have become the standard for web design in recent years. As a matter of fact - Bootstrap itself is becoming a standard for web development; its benefits are that irresistible for professionals.

Bootstrap is compatible with all major browsers; yes, even Internet Explorer 8. What does it mean for you? Well, it means your website will look stunning and work properly on whatever browser your visitors use.

Bootstrap websites are highly responsive. Using a combination of JavaScript, CSS and intelligent grids, Bootstrap allows a developer to implement almost every responsive element the design may require.

Why should you care about this being not a developer but an end-user? Well, we are sure you've noticed that the web gets more and more squishy these days, mobile rules the world. Wouldn't you care if your site looked good on both an iphone and a big screen? Wouldn't you care if every element worked properly for your users on whatever device they use to browse your website? Well, Bootstrap allows us to do just that - make sure your visitors have a pleasant experience with your website, whatever device or screen size is used.